We are California Ag Labor Association

The future of compliance

Facing the labor challenges of today

California Ag Labor Association (CALA) is a non-profit compliance agency dedicated to helping the Ag industry reduce liability and exposure, while reducing the individual costs of compliance. CALA’s mission is to unify components of the Ag industry, including growers, packers, shippers and labor contractors through open forums and training initiatives; reduce liability through compliance, training and certification courses; and to minimize risk by working directly with regulatory agencies to provide materials and updates necessary to achieve these goals.

Let us help you mitigate risk by uncovering and addressing issues BEFORE the regulatory agencies ever arrive on site.


We continuously educate our members regarding the law and changes in the law that would affect members’ operations and business practices.


We will provide in-house training and resources to correct any deficiencies uncovered through the audit process.


Our ongoing inspections and re-auditing will ensure accountability and compliance.


We will issue certificates of good standing to members who have met the rigorous standards of membership in order to assure all interested parties can move forward knowing that compliance is being met.


Our work begins with a thorough audit of a members’ operations – in the field and administratively – for compliance and irregularities. Our focus includes but Is not limited to:

  • Contractor licensing, registration & certification – Federal, State & Local
  • Insurance Verification
  • Tax Records
  • Wage & Hour
  • US Department of Labor
  • Migrant & Seasonal Agricultural Workers Protection Act (MSPA) compliance
  • Cal-OSHA Mandates
  • Risk Management & Injury Prevention

Additional Services – Partial List

  • Field Inspections
  • Record Audits
  • CPR/First Aid certification
  • Federal/State Licensing assistance
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention certification
  • Forklift Operator certification
  • I-9 Verification training
  • Worker Protection Standards training

The problem presented by the joint employer mandate