Our Mission

We offer accountability and peace of mind for your business. Ours is a blended approach to mitigating risk and exposure.

The California Ag Labor Association, through our operations, provides our members numerous advantages: We will be a cost-effective alternative to members who would otherwise have to perform these activities themselves. We will provide effective compliance measures to ensure they are prepared when (not if) a regulatory agency arrives on site;

We will work to ensure consistency in FLC practices in its field and administrative operations;

We will be able to offer technical solutions for the equitable application of a member’s sick pay, health insurance and rest period costs to the clients served by the member;

We will be able to offer bargaining power in the purchase of insurance products for its members by demonstrating an effective risk management program;

We will maintain effective communication and foster trust between our members that is pro-active and collaborative in nature.

Our Core Values


The key to minimizing liability begins with fostering a strong relationship with regulatory agencies so that we may keep our members apprised and compliant with the ever changing laws, regulations and required mandates.

Continuous Improvement

A lack of an evolutionary state results in exposure and inefficiency. CALA is committed to self evaluation and promotes collaborative efforts between ourselves and our members by providing all a seat at the table as we continue to develop our services.


Knowledge is power. CALA is dedicated to empowering the Ag industry, giving Ag a stronger voice and building strength through effective education, training, certification and compliance measures.


The Ag industry is made up of a variety of commodities. CALA is committed to utilizing the individual voices to develop unity through common goals and needs.


Legacies are created through integrity. We are only as strong as our members, our industry and our community. CALA is committed to operating and contributing to the legacy of Agriculture by operating with the utmost level of integrity.


We believe in the unity of the entire agricultural community, not just those associated with one commodity. We believe issues that affect the Ag community are universal and we are committed to bridging those gaps when it comes to those common issues.